28 May 2013

Through round 4

I've finished up another pair between rounds, these cute colorwork socks.
Traditional Stitch Motif Socks, which I like to call OrangeWheel Slice socks.

And then these lovely High Button Socks for Round 4.  Still in the cometition!  We're down to 18 per team and we're waiting on some slower teams to continue. 

So, I'm working on a couple shawls, painting rooms and furniture, learning to spin... More on that later. And entered into the Sock Competition that will start on June 1, Tour de Sock where monies go to Doctors without borders.  Very cool and progressive patterns too!  Keep the stashbusting going, eh? 

Oh!  And I finished this really cute colorwork bag!  Very enjoyable mystery kal during May.
Steeks will be in June.  Yay for new techniques and cutting knitting...intentionally.

01 May 2013

Optional round

We usually get a freebie round. It gives the moderators a chance to catch their breath. It's just that, totally optional, and we can even modify the pattern to our liking. I did no such thing, alough I am considering gifting them to larger feet than I... So I might rip the toes and knit another rose motif for the receiver, since they kinda fit me perfectly!

I feel the need to share this one. :)
Next pattern specs around May 8, so I got a little time to change them, spackel a room, knit something else... Like a test knit!

Rose Water by Heatherly Walker

16 April 2013

Between competition

Socks between the socks? Sounds great to me! Lol
Here's a pair that sorta revolves around my bro and sister in law, because they provided 2 of the 3 yarns (the orange and the super dark green) and then I used the white in some sweet uke socks for Charles. So, these are all leftovers too, but they just sang together in this pattern, so, here we are!

Pattern is called Traditional Stitch Motifs Estonia, my title? Orange Wheel Slices.

I'm also working on the first sanding in the studio room, a shawl, and a beaded stole. So, plenty to alternate on while I wait for the next Madness pair. I have a strong feeling the next pair will be optional, there is one round of "breather" in the competition, and I have a feeling it'll be one of them with buttons... But will it have the zippers? The optional round is just that. Optional. One can knit it or not, there will be a designated window for completion, and noone will be eliminated.


10 April 2013

Round 3, Completed.

Only a few hours over 2 days! I wanted under 48 hours... Snap! Almost. Soon maybe.
These were challenging and required some fierce focus, but I had no major problems as other knitters have gotten really confused along the way.

I think I'm about number 5 of the 26 that move on in my team. The fastest team has 13 done already! Woosh!

Greenhouse Socks by Swedish designer, Anita Grahn
I knitted them in Dream in Clor Smooshy and am quite glad these are shorter socks, so I can knit with the same yarn some more! I have quite a bit left over! I'm planning for something in 2 colors...
Features: fairly classic top-down construction, until just after the heel, gusset shaping ended up on the sole but kept the sleek ribbing, very unique sole shaping, and then that got added to the top of the foot after the last diamond, and a very unique bind off using a slip stitch decrease style creating a most interesting border around the toes.

Time for a FEW pics since they're so difficult to capture.

08 April 2013

Pair #7

Here are pair #7 for this year. A fast thick, comfy, cottony, cabled and ribbed cute and relaxed pair... Mistake Braid Socks, by my friend, Tanja Fleischer. I have now completed all 3 of her sock patterns as she is a great new designer. She is one of my personal cheerleaders out in Ravelry and I cherish knowing her. Charles' uke socks are also her design.

Mistake Braid Socks: princess sole, unique gusset shaping, toe-up, worsted weight yarn, cables and ribbing.

Also, a progress shot of round 3.
Greenhouse Socks. Using Dream in Color Smooshy in Chinatown Apple, a gorgeous colorway.
My own yarnslayer watching over the delectible cake along with a lovely mix of green and black tea in one of Grandma's cups.

Although I'm quite tired from removing an old washing machine from our home yesterday, maxing out my muscles ina way I don't believe I have ever felt before, I think it a great morning. Muscle fatigue and all. Must keep knitting! What's also awesome, is we got rid of the 2 full size fridge and freezer units yesterday too! Oh my the open spaces!

06 April 2013

Get ready for Round 3

Ok. 45 hours to go.
I've decided to use a gift of yarn my bro and sister in law gave me a few years ago. The test knitter used the same kind of yarn, I think it serendipity. Chinatown Apple, here I come.

But in the mean time, I will show you my Sock Scrap socks. I have thick comfy braid socks on the needles and will finish them before the next pattern, for sure. Pics very soon.

Sock Strap. Colorwork, unusual construction, cables, and cables right to the tip of the toes, and behind the heels. Very cool pair. Loved making these.

02 April 2013

Flying Dutchmans

Round 2, I finished the Flying Dutchman pair with Lena's feet in mind. I do think they will be lovely and comfy, where ever their sailing adventures take them!

Also, I've finished up my mystery Step into Spring socks. I plan to finish the unusual construction Sock Strap, probably today!

Flying Dutchman had some fantastic intarsia in the round technique and a lovely lacey waves motif. Very cool design.
The spring pair have stranded knitting a new heel for me, the Sweet Tomato Heel, but I don't think this one fits very well. The Fleegle heel, first tried by the Sockdolager pair would be so much bettter here. Oh well. I think I can wiggle them enough to wear anyways. But they do poof under foot.

Check back soon for the unusual construction and Round 3! I think round 2 will finish out real soon as we await some last finishers. Then, we'll get specs for round 3! Also, fyi, the tem I'm on, Yarnslayers, finished out our 33 first! Out of 7 groups! Holy smokes Batman!

24 March 2013

Round 2

Oh wow oh wow.
Here's the first sock folks!
Flying Dutchman. In saphire blue and springtime lime green.
Making them a little longer than my own feet, for a gift. I'll make that reveal with the set ;)

22 March 2013

Oh the excitement...

Sheesh, I just knew within 24 hiurs of the 'within 48 hours' was too soon, but did I sleep well?
Way to nervous and excited.

These are the team names:
Team Yarnslayer - my team!
Team What!
Team Mission Accomplished
Team Mighty Minnows
Team Inconceivable
Team Sockeroo
Team Twinkletoes

So, I'm just gonna keep going with other socks on other needles in the mean time. And paint another last coat of paint in our first nearly finished bedroom, whoo hoo!

Here's my pic for my icon in ravelry, a little yarnslaying, from my perspective. A lot seem to know of a dearly departed pet who is infamous in yarnslaying. Hmm, not really my story.

Following the orange sacrifice, are my choices for this 2-color project. I'm leaning towards the light blue and red wine. Toodles!

20 March 2013

In-between the socks

More Socks!

I have been working on a couple mystery kals. Here are the clues from the unusual construction pair.
Clue 1 was a strip of cable.
Clue 2 was a strap of colorwork from cuff round the heel to cuff.
Clue 3 was the front cable strip.
Clue 4 coming out friday! Final clue too.

Madness round 1 ends today. Then teams, then round 2. Don't know when these things will happen. Part of the madness I guess.